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Welcome to the Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii (PMAH), Hawaii’s premier medical organization.

Since its founding in 1978, PMAH has been at the forefront of servicing the medical needs of Hawaii’s community-at-large. Hawaii is replete with Filipino-American doctors and even non-Filipino doctors who serve the Filipino community. As such, we invite you to become part of our ohana (family). With its three affiliates, PMAH gives you several opportunities to make a difference in our community and beyond.

 Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls (BCWW) provides free medical care for thousands of Filipino and non-Filipino immigrants who do not have health insurance.

 Ohana Medical Mission (OMM) is a team of volunteer physicians, medical providers and civic-minded individuals who visit underserved regions in the Philippines and other developing countries, giving the much needed medical, dental and surgical services to the locals.

Last but certainly not least is the PMAH Foundation whose mission is to reach out to disadvantaged pre-medical and medical students and provide them access to educational opportunities that go beyond the four walls of a classroom.

In addition to all these, PMAH continues to promote Filipino culture through our social gatherings. These gatherings also provide a platform from which physicians, medical professionals and vendors are able to strike friendships and foster camaraderie. 

Because of our reach and brand of service, PMAH has become a source of inspiration and influence not only within the medical community but also throughout the state of Hawaii. With the many challenges that physicians face in this day and age, it is important that we band together for it is only with one voice that our causes can be heard.

 Membership in the PMAH is now open to both Filipino and non-Filipino physicians serving Hawaii. We invite you to join our cause. We invite you to enrich your lives by participating in any or all of the service-oriented opportunities available through our organization. We invite you to join our ohana, the Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii.