Welcome to Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii

Waite 4

Aloha Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for visiting the Philippine Medical Association of Hawai’i in cyberspace.

On behalf of the Officers, Board of Governors and members of this prestigious organization, please feel free to browse around and have a glimpse on our history, meet our members and link to our affiliates – The Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls, the PMAH Foundation and the PMAH Ohana Medical Missions, Inc. and see how hard we strive to improve ourselves to better serve the community we live in here in Hawaii and back to our old country.

The practice of medicine keeps evolving, and has changed tremendously through the years. “Patient Centered Care” is foremost and “Care Coordination” is imperative. As agents of health we work together with the various healthcare professionals to achieve our common goal i.e. promoting and maintaining health, eradicating disease and curing illness.

This year’s theme of “Refocusing on the Physician” I believe is crucial in today’s healthcare upheaval. We all agree that “patient centeredness” is foremost.  We should however emphasize that we as “healthcare providers” are also important. We need to put us back in the driver’s seat, ensure our own health and well-being and work on maintaining excellence in our profession.

This is an exciting year!  Challenging as it may be, 2017 will be an opportunity for us and our organization to effect change. Despite today’s difficulties and the seemingly unending professional demands, I’m convinced that here at PMAH we will succeed.

I have never before been involved in an organization as caring, giving, loving and hard working as the PMAH. Headstrong in will and determination this organization with its “bayanihan and aloha spirit” has taken on many challenges and worked successfully for the common good.

I am deeply honored by your trust and confidence and hope to serve you well as your President. I invite each and everyone of you to actively participate in our upcoming endeavors.


Waite J

Josephine Waite-Ansdell, MD