Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls

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Bayanihan – “To Help One Another”


Who are we?

  • BCWW is a nonprofit organization with approximately 50 volunteering doctors and dentists that see an average of 100 uninsured patients per month for free in their private offices. 

  • BCWW also holds health fairs across the islands and assists in medical missions outside of Hawaii.

  • BCWW is a continuing collaborative endeavor with the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Lanakila Easy Access Project (LEAP), Hawaii State Department of Health.

Who qualifies for free services?

  • anyone unable to afford traditional medical and dental coverage such as:

  • immigrants

  • indigent locals

  • homeless

What services are provided

  • Primary healthcare for children and adults

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Breast examination

  • Osteoporosis screening

  • Colo-Rectal/Prostate examination

  • Hernia screening

  • Ophthalmology (conditions of the eyes)

  •  Dental emergencies

  • Laboratory services (selected and limited)

  • Counseling Services

How to obtain services

  • Go to the LEAP office in Lanakila Health Center, Suite 1104 in Kalihi

  •  A brief interview will be done to check for eligibility

  • You will be given a Referral Slip with the name and address of a BCWW physician or dentist

**Bring the Referral Slip to the provider’s clinic to be seen for free

Find Us


To Continue helping hawaii’s residents


Lanakila Easy Access Program (LEAP)
Suite 1104
Lanakila Health Center
1700 Lanakila Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96817-2155
Phone: (808) 832-5685
Fax: (909) 832-5684

History of BCWW

The Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls, Inc. (BCWW) is a non-profit community based healthcare organization established by the Philippine Medical Association of Hawaii (PMAH) in 1997. The Filipino word Bayanihan means helping one another, deriving its literal context from the Filipinos’ long standing tradition of doing community work together. The process of pulling together and helping someone in need is all in the spirit of Bayanihan. In our state, it translates to the spirit of Aloha. 

The Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls was founded in response to the need to provide much needed free medical services to those who have no medical coverage in the State of Hawaii. Under this mission, everyone, from indigent locals, the homeless, immigrants, to anyone who cannot afford traditional medical coverage are recipients of the Bayanihan Clinic's free medical and dental services. Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls was bestowed 501 (c) (3) privileges as a nonprofit organization in April 1999 and is allowed to accept tax-deductible donations. 

It raises its funds through Doctors-On-Stage productions every two years to finance its projects and continue serving the community. 

The BCWW has seen a total of 21,000 recipients since 1997 and currently sees an average of 100 patients per month. has been holding community health fairs in Honolulu and other islands of Hawaii. It also assists in medical missions outside of Hawaii and helps qualified patients with critical medical cases as the need arises. BCWW is a continuing collaborative endeavor with the Hawaii State Department of Health’s Lanakila Easy Access Project (LEAP), Hawaii State Department of Health.